Safe Chimneys, Inc. is a chimney lining and restoration company located in central Virginia. We install Golden Flue pumped masonry chimney liners, Lymance and Locktop chimney top dampers, repair chimney crowns and tuckpoint masonry chimneys.

We have handled projects from the Shenandoah Valley to the Eastern Shore and from Leesburg to Lynchburg. We also have had projects in SW Virginia and West Virginia, on the N. Carolina border and in Maryland.

Our chimney restoration skills have taken us to hundreds of farm houses, cabins, national register locations and 18th, 19th, and 20th century structures.

Chimney fires frequently damage clay tile chimney liners and we can replace them with safer, more durable Golden Flue pumped masonry chimney liners.

We perform chimney inspections for home owners, insurance companies and real estate agents.

Furnaces and Boilers require properly sized and acid-resistant chimney flue liners to withstand oil, gas and wood exhausts. Golden Flue chimney liners are certified for all fuels and can add years of life to your chimney.

Builders and owners who want their chimneys to meet modern venting needs should consider the advantages of a cast chimney liner in a new construction environment.

Why Line a Chimney will outline the reasons for installing quality chimney liners and Pumped Masonry will describe the cast-in-place chimney lining technique.

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Listed for all Fuels
0" and 1" Clearances
Warnock Hersey

Golden Flue Lining


Golden Flue is a masonry, highly insulated, one piece, pumped-in chimney lining system for lining and relining old and new chimneys