We don’t generally build new masonry chimneys. However, there are certain circumstances when a pumped masonry liner can enhance a venting system or solve a particular construction problem.

     • Pumped masonry liners are far more durable than the traditional liner found in        new chimneys. Chimney fires are rare and don’t usually damage the liner.

     • They are round and insulated, so the draft is better.

     • They can draft efficiently on smaller sizes, so space can be saved.

     • Consultation with the mason can minimize material costs and avoid the later        removal of the original liner.

     • Maintenance is reduced – less creosote buildup and easier cleaning.

     • Warranties provide protection beyond the typical one year for new construction 

     • Building code can be met without rebuilding a chimney that fails inspection


One of the simplest applications is to build a flue block chimney to vent a woodstove or furnace. The process is identical to traditional construction except the mason leaves out the terra cotta liner. We line the chimney with a pumped masonry liner, accomplishing superior heat protection, durability and a warranty. Draft is improved, maintenance is lower and the risk of chimney fires is reduced.

Earthquake Damage Chimney  
Crack in chimney from earthquake damage
Earthquake Damage of Chimney
Close-up of Crack in Chimney from Earthquake Damage


There are also situations where the lining system can actually constitute the entire structure. We have constructed chimneys with plywood frames, pouring the liner 5” thick to take the place of both brick and lining at the same time. Since the liner is tested and certified to 0” clearances to combustibles, it can be contained within the structure without 1” or 2” clearances.


Advantages include: 

     • All the protections of the Golden Flue pumped masonry system

     • Minimize construction costs of large masonry structures.

     • Solve tight clearance issues, save space

     • Meet Building Code without tearing down and rebuilding an existing chimney