Oil and gas fired systems, typically furnaces, boilers, water heaters and gas logs, frequently require venting through a chimney structure. If that chimney is masonry, Building Code requires that it be lined with an approved system. That system has to resist corrosion, reduce condensation and draft appropriately. 

Both oil and gas are highly acidic in nature. They are also relatively ‘cool’, so as the exhaust rises in the chimney, it quickly reaches the dew point. Once this temperature is reached, the water vapor in the exhaust condenses and basically ‘bathes’ the interior of the chimney in moist, acidic liquids – hydrochloric, sulphuric and other highly caustic acids . 

These acids interact with the masonry structure, dissolving mortar as well as the basic masonry structure. Unprotected areas are prone to severe deterioration. Once the process starts, it accelerates, so that minor damage one year can be catastrophic by the next.            

Holes can develop in the chimney casing, allowing exhausts to vent into living spaces. Bricks and mortar can fall down the chimney, clogging vents and backing up heating systems. The draft can be adversely affected, causing malfunctions and inefficiency in the performance of the heating unit.

Even lined systems are prone to deterioration. Terra cotta tile liners can lose their glaze, depositing debris in the bottom and developing holes in the flue. Metal venting systems can corrode and develop holes and weak areas.         

An appropriate repair calls for the installation of a lining system that will repair existing weakness, resist corrosion, and minimize condensation. A properly sized, insulated flue will maximize the draft needed by the heating unit, reducing condensation and assure many years of low maintenance performance of the chimney. 

Pumped masonry liners accomplish all of these objectives - strengthening the structure, protecting the living space, providing maximum efficiency and low maintenance. Golden Flue exceeds all applicable Building Code standards and provides the best repair process available today.